These are our terms and conditions.

Amazing Solutions is a registered Canadian based company that offers smart solutions to small businesses in North America.   We offer consolidated services of Graphic Design, advertising, web development, content administration, event productions, Video editing, social media administration, and much more.

Terms and conditions.

In order for us to deliver an excellent service to our clients we may use other brands for services, any graphic used by us is our copyright responsibility unless we sale you an image or a logo then you as a client own the copyright when receiving proof or our design work client is responsible to check for mistakes or spelling errors of any sort and not advising of such in timely matter avoids any guaranty, only when client approve our artwork is marked Ready or completed,  Any work marked as “completed” a balance must be paid in not later than 10 days to avoid 15% Late payment fee and/or account will be referred to a collection agency, The client will pay the cost of collection including all attorneys and court fees.

With all packages, our support is always 24/7 to help you get done everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. To keep our cost-effective services, we do not have a telephone support crew, to help everyone at all times via phone calls.  In order for us to maintain an excellent support service, you must contact us always via Email, text, or WhatsApp.   Phone calls will be made only in case of great emergency.

Websites are created combined efforts with clients, only after the client pays deposit is when we start working on their project, the balance of total charges must be paid when your project is marked as completed, as a client, you must provide all necessary information in a timely manner,  delays on your behalf may result in unexpected service delays because we must move to serve the next client and you have to wait for us to place you in the lineup.   You may choose to have us administrate the content or just the integrity of your server using one of our web care services typically not included in the development quote, if you choose not to, or make a request to have full access to your hosting back end we cannot guarantee the safety of it, therefore we will not be responsible for the malfunction of your site resulting in extra charges for you anytime there is an error or your site stop displaying.